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Twelve (Dwadasha) Narasimha Kshertams of Tamil Nadu- Part 4

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10. Lakshmi Narasimha of Singar Kovil

This temple is situated at a distance of about 25 km from Vellore and is off the main road from Vellore to Polur. It is an exclusive shrine for Lord Lakshmi Nrsimha and is believed to be at least 1,300 years old. This temple is on a small hillock, which is nearly 80 to 90 feet high and can be reached after climbing about 50 steps. A tiny river flowing in front of the temple and we have to cross the river by foot. Here Lord  Lakshmi Nrsimha is six feet tall and is seen in a sitting posture with four hands — two hands hold the Shanka and Chakra. His third hand is on his lap and fourth hand is around goddess Lakshmi.
The Legend


Not much is known about the temple. This 10th-century shrine is said to have been built by the local chieftain, Rajavarman, at the behest of Lord Narasimha, who appeared in his dream.


11. Narasinghapuram Shanta Narasimha
A 1400-year-old temple Narasimha temple located about 55 km from Chennai and 21 km from Arakkonam, in Narasingapuram, Thiruvallur, dating back to the early Pallava Period where Lord Narasimha is seen as a ‘Shaanta Narasimha  ’. The deity also has the name ‘Sri Kalyana Lakshmi Narasimha ‘ since Lord Narasimha embraces Goddess Lakshmi closely. Here Garuda is seen with 16 kinds of snakes around him. It is believed that those who worship this temple for about nine Swathi Nakshatrams are entitled with complete bliss and are blessed with health, wealth and are freed of any associated problems those Regards. I couldn’t find any legend associated with the creation of this Temple.
12. Dakshina Ahobilam of Avaniyapuram


This is a very special temple it is also called Dakshina Ahobilam (Ahobliam in the south), here you can have Darshan of 5 Divya Desam deities and also Nava Narasimha, this temple is. this temple is located at Avaniyapuram is located 20 km from Cheyyar and is on a small hillock. Avani means lion and the Lord is said to have obliged Brigu Maharishi by appearing before him in the forms of five Divya Desa deities.


At Avaniyapuram, Lord Nrsimha is found in a small cave. There is Yoga Nrsimha on the same hill at a higher altitude where Lord Venkateswara is housed. Here Lord Nrsimha is in a sitting posture, Mahalakshmi who has the face of a lioness is seated on his left thigh. His left arm is around His Consort and His right hand is in Abyaha Hasta position. His upper hands are holding the chakra and the conch.
There is a separate shrine for Mahalakshmi near the Nrsimha temple. There are five Nrsimha deities in all looking alike next to the Mahalakshmi temple. Thus we have eight Nrsimha idols and it makes a total of nine including the Yoga Narasimha atop the hill.
The abode of Lord Venkateswara is at the top of the hill. Here Lord Venkateswara is standing armed with Chakra and Shanka. There is a separate cave-like enclosure in the prahara of Lord Venkateswara where we see Lord Varadaraja and Perundevi Thayar. Lord Ranganatha is seen on His serpentine bed with Ranganayaki Thayar. Yoga Narasimha is in a sitting position along with Amirdavalli Thayar. 
Thus we see all the main Pancha Divya Desa Deities — Kanchi, Srirangam,
Sholingur, Tirumala and Ahobilam.
The Legend

 During the time of Treta Yuga Lord Brahma was doing a fire scarifies and that time from the fire of the Sacrifice Lord Narasimha appeared in front of him. Due to the heat Lord didn’t have a face when he came from the fire. Seeing this Mahalakshmi told to Nrsimha that how you will give Darshan to Devotees without a face hence please grant me your face to me. Pleased by the Mahalakshmi lord gives his face and hence in this Kshetra Mahalakshmi with lion face giving darshan to all and this day is celebrated once in 60 Years of Sarvadhari Samvathsarm Aani Month 9th day.


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