The Legend Behind Creation of Kashmir.

The most beautiful state of Kashmir, which is also called heaven on earth. surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. The history of Kashmir is intertwined with the history of the broader Indian subcontinent and the surrounding regions. Historically, Kashmir referred to the Kashmir Valley. Kasmira was a Kingdom according to Puranas was  identified as the Kashmir Valley along the Jhelum River of the modern Jammu and Kashmir state
The Story according to Nilamata Puran.
The story starts right at the beginning of the Nilamata Purana, where the land of Kasmira is compared to being the personification of Uma or otherwise known as Sati, the wife of Shiva.

Janamejaya is asking Vaishampayan how this beautiful lake became a territory in this very Vaivasvata Manvantra and Vaishampayan is answering by quoting the narration of Brhadasva to the king of Gonanda. The story begins with the whole idea of time, lineage, how Garuda came being, how Nagas came to being, etc.

I will skip all these and start with the story.
The story!
Once Indra the king of gods was sporting with Saci (who is called Paulomi in the first verse) on the banks of the lake Kasmira, which was also known as Sati-Saras. There was a chief of  Daitayas by the name Sangrha who was a very powerful demon and difficult to defeat and conquer visited Indra at the lake.
Seeing Saci this demon Sangrha became filled with lust and sexual desires for Saci so much so that his semen go discharged in that very reservoir of water. Indra seeing Sangrha fought him and the fight continued for about one year. Indra was able to kill this demon Sangrha and received many praises.
A child was born of the semen of Sangrha, and Nagas seeing the child and due to compassion raised the child and named him Jalodbhava (The Water-Born). when Jalodbhava grew to his teenage he did severe penance to please Brahma the creator. Lord Brahma being pleased came to see him and Jalodbhava asked for three boons 1) Immortality in waters 2)Magical Powers 3) and Unmatched Strength.
Just as demons typically behave after receiving the boons the same way Jalodbhava also started devouring all the humans who lived near the lake. During this time sage, Kashyapa was on a pilgrimage. Having heard that sage Kashyapa was on pilgrimage Nila the king of serpents went to Kanakhala to meet sage Kashyapa. Nila also joined the pilgrimage with sage Kashyapa. Sage Kashyapa and Nila visited many places of pilgrimage till they came to Madra. When they came to Madra the kingdom was devastated and was suffering from famine. sage Kashyapa inquired from Nila as to why is this very Kingdome suffering from so much calamity this was never such a case earlier. Nila then revealed to sage Kashyapa that this is all due to Jalodhbava a demon child which was raised by him.
This Jalodbhava has become very powerful due to the boons of Brahma, and with his evil intellect, he has devoured many regions like Madra. Then sage Kashyapa and Nila immediately went to see Lord Brahma where Lord Vishnu and Shiva were co-incidentally present. Brahma addressed Nila and Kashyapa and told them to accompany him to Naubandhana, Where Lord Vishnu would kill Jalodbhava. Hearing this lord Brahma, Kashyapa, Nila along with Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Indra, all other Gods and Goddesses, rivers proceeded for Naubandhana. Hearing the criticism and plan of the Devatas Jalodbhava did not come out of the water , knowing himself to be imperishable in water. Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma stood on each peak near the place respectively. 
Lord Vishnu also instructed Ananta ( it can be  Balaram too, as according to some texts Ananta is an expansion of Balaram and Balaram Veils a plow)  to divide the Himalayas with a plow and make this lake devoid of water. Hearing the orders of Lord Vishnu Ananta did just that, He made a valley dividing the mountains and the water of the lake started flowing hurriedly, so much so that the lake would be empty soon. seeing the lake turning dry Jalodbhava created darkness. To fight the darkness Lord Shiva held the sun and the moon in his hands bringing the world to light again. Lord Vishnu fought Jalodbhava and cut his head off with his Sudarshan Chakra.
The story further says that Sudarshan Chakra was intoxicated by drinking the blood of Jalodbhava and was wandering at its will, Lord Shiva then caught the Sudarshan Chakra by chance. Lord Vishnu then asked Lord Shiva to give back the Sudarshan Chakra and Lord Shiva agreed in exchange for some gifts. thus Lord Vishnu received his chakra again by Lord Shiva
The Lake where this war was fought came to be known as Kramasara and the mountain peaks where Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma stood became their personification and place of pilgrimage. Sage Kashyapa, Settled people here and Kramasara became and habitable place.
The place got its name Kasmira. the first verse says that Prajapati is denoted with Ka and Kashyapa is a Prajapati, due to which mainly the issue of Jalodbhava was solved and the territory was built by him, therefore the territory was named Kasmira. the immediate verse says that because the water Ka was taken out by Ananta the territory was called Kasmira. Kashyapa then summoned various goddesses and rivers and asked them to inhabit Kasmira, thus Kasmira flourished.


There you go you have a new place called Kashmir, the most loved tourist destination in India.

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