Mysteries of Lord Hanuman’s Worship

On the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, the Appearance day of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman is a favorite of many and is a popular god worshiped across the Indian sub-continent. Hanuman is known to be the servant and staunch devotee of Lord Rama. He is one of the ten Chiranjeevi’s or immortals according to the Indian texts. He is worshiped through many different means. Let us unveil some mysteries pertaining to offerings made to Lord Hanuman.

1) Vada Mala offerings

In south India Hanuman or Anjaneya adorns a garland made with multiple Vadas. The Vadas are made with Urad Dal and sewn to form a Garland. The story of Vada Mala goes to the time when Hanuman was young. Hanuman when he was a young boy he once spotted the sun in the sky, thinking it to be a fruit in the sky he flew to engulf it. Since he was a son of Vayu Dev (Wind God) he could fly at an unimaginable speed. As Hanuman was trying to engulf the Sun so was Rahu. Rahu was trying to create a solar eclipse. Rahu could not match the unconquerable speed of Hanuman. Rahu blessed Hanuman that whoever worships him would be freed from his malefic effects during Rahu Dasha and also placed in the horoscope. Rahu loves urad dal very much. This is why Hanuman is offered Vadas made from Urad dal. The garland symbolizes the snake-like body of Rahu.

2) Betel leaves garland

Ravan had Kidnaped Sita Devi and she was kept at Ashok Vatika, one of the Garden of Ravana’s palace in Lanka. Before Lord Rama approached Lanka he sent Hanuman as a messenger to locate Sita and tell her that Lord Rama is going to take her soon. Hanuman flew and came to Lanka. Hanuman spotted Sita Devi in the Ashok Vatika he told her that he was a messenger of Lord Rama and bowed down in front of her to take her blessings. Sita Devi hearing Lord Rama’s names and seeing hanuman she showered hanuman with betel leaves as she had nothing other than this. Since that day Hanuman is offered betel leaves. Also, betel leaves have great significance in Hindu worship as it is believed that betel leaves were found while Samudra Manthan.

3) Offering of Oil

The story is uncertain but it is said that during the battle with Ravana or some of his army personnel Hanuman carried Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders and took them airborne. Rama and Lakshmana were saved from the powerful attack from the enemy side. Rama and Lakshmana showered ferocious arrows from the air because of being airborne. Hanuman took all arrow hits and was injured badly. Rama feeling the compassion towards Hanuman himself applied oil or butter to Hanuman’s body, which led to the ritual of bathing or offering oil to Hanuman.

4) Offering Black Urad

After Hanuman saved Shani dev from the Clutches of Ravana he himself became the victim of Shani dev’s gaze. Shani dev then climbed on Hanuman’s shoulders, as Hanuman was getting influenced by Shani dev he grew in size and grew so huge that his Shani Dev was trapped between Hanuman’s shoulders and the ceiling of the room they were in. Unable to bear the pain Shani dev requested Hanuman to release him. Also, Shani Dev blessed Hanuman that whoever prays to Hanuman would be free from malefic effects of his gaze. Black Urad being Cereal of Shani is offered along with Oil to Hanuman.

5) Offering of Sindoor

Indian wives apply Sindoor in midst of their parting of the hair. This Sindoor denotes to give husband longevity. One day while Sita Devi was applying Sindoor in Ayodhya. Hanuman asked her why was she applying this saffron powder in the midst her hair. Sita Devi told Hanuman that this will give my husband lord Rama longevity. Hearing this Hanuman smeared his body fully with Sindoor. When Lord Rama saw Hanuman covered in Sindoor he asked him why was he doing so. Hanuman said that if Sita Mata would apply a pinch of Sindoor daily and that would give you longevity and prosperity if a pinch could give you so much then what would happen if I smear my whole body with Sindoor. Lord Rama blessed him and was highly pleased with Hanuman’s devotion. From this day it was said that offering Sindoor to Hanuman gives one longevity and prosperity.


Choose your way of worship and seek Hanuman’s Mercy on his Birthday.!!!!!

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