The Blue Milk


There is a temple in Tamil Nadu called Tirunageswaram Naganathar Temple, This is the only temple dedicated to Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are known as Shadow Planets, they are nodes of the Earth. They are inseparable Pair. Rahu is depicted as the body of the snake, where Ketu is the head. They create a very dangerous Dosha called Kaal-Sarpa Dosha.  This Dosha causes great misery. Therefore Rahu and Ketu are worshiped. The deity of Rahu in this temple is having Human Head.

The temple is located on the southern bank of the river Kaveri 7 km from Kumbakonam. The temple campus encompasses exclusive shrines for Naganatha Swamy (Shiva), Parvathi, Rahu with his Consorts.

This temple has very interesting phenomena When Milk Abhishek is performed on Rahu the milk turns blue in color and returns back to normal once it touches the floor. This Phenomenon happens during Rahukalam or if someone doing the Abhishek has Rahu dosha. This seems the way Rahu is acknowledging the offering. Rahu comes with some fears.

Kalasarpa dosha

Out of all the malefic Doshas in Astrology the Kal Sarpa Dosha is the most dangerous, brought by Rahu and Ketu. If all the seven planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu axis, this Dosha arises. This yoga creates obstacles, hindrance, and difficulty in a native’s life. This yoga comes with many malefic effects related to life, marriage, and health. The malefic effects of the Dosha increase if other planets are weak.

The Rahu Kala

The Rahu Kala is an inauspicious segment of the day according to Indian astrology The segments are calculated by taking the total time between sunrise and sunset and dividing by 8. This time is considered as malefic and any new or pious activity done will result in failure.

Why this Phenomena?

This is one of the biggest questions to be answered. First, let us analyze the offering of Milk and Properties of milk. The Tirunageshwarm temple is mainly a Shiva temple. There are many legends why this temple is a Shiva temple. Many Gods and devotees worshiped this place and sanctified it. According to one Sthala Purana, once Rahu was cursed by a sage and to seek relief from the curse, he prayed to Lord Shiva along with his consorts. On the auspicious Shivratri, Lord Shiva appeared before Rahu and blessed him to overcome the sage’s curse.

The temple is a Shiva temple the custom of doing Abhishek with milk follows. There are many debates about why milk is offered to Shiva. One reason being that since cows are sacred and the milk they give is considered at most pure, that is why Milk is offered. Also, Milk is the first food that any baby takes. However Milk is a white and liquid in nature, therefore when the milk is poured on to the deity there is some revelation.

The deities in south India are normally made of black stone or granite. The deity here seems to be made of a different element. The Indian astrology describes Rahu’s color to be smoky blue, just like Saturn. There is a strong astrological connection between Saturn and Rahu. As per a verse “Shanivad Rahu, Kujavad Ketu” Rahu must be treated as Saturn and Ketu as Mars. The color and stone of Saturn are dark Blue or Blue sapphire. Therefore the deity must be made of Blue sapphire or Amethyst that gives a feeling of being black as light is not passing through, but when the white milk is poured over and light passes through then the certain color of the stone is revealed. The milk actually appears blue and not turns blue.

There is another symbolism to blue color and milk. After a snake bite, the body turns bluish due to the venom. The venom represents miseries of life, and the body turning blue represents the troubles of the material world. The milk has an association with snakes, It is during the festival of Nag Panchami milk is offered to snakes. Since Rahu being snake like he is offered milk. The transition of milk represents a cure from the snake venom. In a sense that the miseries of life are cured and there will come no more miseries.

There are many symbolic means we can identify from a strange phenomenon, but the true idea is devotion and also a certain fright that astrology creates in form of Doshas. Whether remedies clear Dosha is not known as the positions in horoscope do not change, but the ill effects can be reduced for sure. It’s all about faith.

“Your faith can move mountains and doubts can create them” Have faith and miseries will go.

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