Sun VS Moon : A dinner story

In one of the Indian folk tale, there is an interesting description of why the sun is hot and the moon is cold, why the sun looks to be a curse and moon blessing?

One day sun, the moon, and the wind went out to dine with their uncle and aunt, thunder and lightning.

Their mother (the distant star) waited alone for their children to return.

Now both the sun and the wind were greedy and selfish. They enjoyed the great feast that had been prepared for them, without a thought of saving any of it to take home to their mother. – but the gentle moon did not forget her mother.

Of every delicious dishes that were served she placed a small portion under her long fingernails. For her mother to have a share.

On their return, their mother who had kept watch for them all night asked  “well children what have you brought for me. The sun and wind both said mother we went to enjoy ourselves and we have brought nothing for you, they said” mother how could you expect a collection of good things for you when we went there to enjoy”

But the moon said, “mother Grab a plate, see what I have for you”. Moon showered down a choice of delicacies for her mother.

The star mother then turned to the sun and cursed him” because you went to enjoy yourself with your friends and feasted and enjoyed your self well, without any thoughts of your mother at home, you shall be cursed. Henceforth your rays will be ever hot and scorching; they shall burn anything they touch. Men shall cover their heads when you appear.” This explains the reason for the sun to be so hot.

Then she turned to the wind and said” you also who forgot your mother and were amusing yourself. You shall always blow in the hot, dry weather and shall parch and shrivel all living things. Men shall detest and avoid you from this very time. That is why wind is hot weather is so disagreeable.

To the moon, she blessed and said “Daughter because you remembered your mother and kept her share in your enjoyment. Henceforth you shall be ever cool, calm and bright. No noxious glare shall accompany your pure rays and men shall call you blessed. This is why moons light is pleasing, soft and cherished till today.

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