Seven Personas of Eve – A Book Review

Life is very funny it may take you to a point where you may just breakdown. But the real battle is won only if you can fight through the challenges of life. Like Arjuna broke down in front of Krishna where he says I cannot fight my own relatives in the great war , instead he would happily die from their hands. Arjuna says (B.G 1.45) Better for me if the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra, weapons in hand, were to kill me unarmed and unresisting on the battlefield. To which Krishna says (B.G 2.3) O son of Pṛthā, do not yield to this degrading impotence. It does not become you. Give up such petty weakness of heart and arise, O chastiser of the enemy. We do not surrender to the challenge but we fight it out straight. We always feel that only we have biggest of the problems, but there are some challenges that are beyond imagination.

I recently came across a book that can be a true motivation to many, The book “Seven Personas of Eve” is a book written by Dr Anju Kapoor  and Harry Kurup. This book has 7 short stories that will inspire, motivate, or may be open a new perspective to life.

A woman who witnessed a war, and had to move on with four children to an unknown city and to her surprise she was also abandoned by her husband. Kaushalya had to raise her four children by herself in poverty, pain and agony brought upon her by her husband who deserted her.  But when her husband truly needed her she stood by him and took care of him till his last breadth. Today we keep grudges on tiny things that hurt us, often about things that don’t even matter. But Kaushalya overcame years of hardship and trauma that her husband caused, she  instead stood by her husband every minute he needed her.

Another story of a differently abled girl Akriti, who is mocked by the society for being the way she is. Instead Akriti makes the society believe that different is not to be shunned but only accepted with love and affection. We need to find a way and not excuses.  She finds a way for each and every challenge that comes her way.

There are more such inspiring stories through which book really motivates the reader to accept and fight back to whatever the life throws at them. The book actually gives the reader seven life altering revelations with each story.

As rightly said in the Blurb “Kaushalya will lead you through threshold of life and priya will guide you through a dilemma. If have a failed relationship Parineeti will tell you it’s alright. Saral will teach you to be independent and Shraddha will help you to soar high. And finally Goodbye Madamjee will reveal the secret of true happiness.”

I remember a story Kisa Gautami who lost her son at a very early age, she could not believe that her son has left her, she would go to every doctor and ask them to revive her son, soon people started to believe that she is crazy. Then one gentleman advised her to see Buddha, Buddha told her that bring mustard seeds from the house that has seen no death ever, and your son will be revived.  She went is search for such a house but failed drastically. She realized that her problem is actually nothing as compared to things she heard. Soon she understood and accepted the truth of life. We get inspired and motivated to fight back when we hear or see bigger challenges of life. It is only then we get a realization and our perspective changes.  

Just as mustard seeds played a catalyst and changed Kia Gautamai’s perspective of life, similarly hope that this book “Seven Personas of eve” becomes the catalyst in changing perspective of life of the readers.  

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