Fallen Lotus- Pushkar Brahma Temple

Pushkar is often referred as the only Brahma temple in the world. According to the Hindu scripture Padma Purana, Brahma saw the demon Vajranabha trying to kill his children and harass people. He immediately slew the demon with his lotus flower. In this process, the lotus petals fell at this place. Since a flower fell from Brahma’s hand the place was named Pushkar, etymologically ‘Push’ means flower, and ‘kar’ means hand. Brahma decided to perform a grand Yagya here and he called all great sages, gods. However Brahma’s wife Savitri was not ready yet and was getting late for the yagaya. The time of Yagya was flying and thus gods urged Indra to get another wife for Brahma. It was not possible to complete the yagya without a partner. Indra proceeded to procure a wife for Brahama. While searching Indra spotted a young beautiful milkmaid, carrying a jar of butter. He seized her and brought her to the assembly. She was sanctified by passing her through the body of a cow.

Vishnu, Shiva, and the priests certified her purity as she had passed through a cow, it was her second birth and she was named Gayatri. Brahma then married Gayatri and completed the yajna with his new consort sitting beside him, holding the pot of amrita (elixir of life) on her head and giving ahuti. But when Savitri finally arrived at the venue accompanied by Lakshmi and Indrani. Seeing some other girl with Brahma at her rightful place Savitri was fueled in anger. She accused Brahma of deserting her. She then proceeded to curse Brahma so that he would never be worshipped. She also cursed Indra to be chained by his enemies.

Since Vishnu and Shiva had given Gayatri as a bride to Brahma, Savitri did not spare them too. She cursed Vishnu to be born human and experience separation from his wife. Savitri also cursed Shiva to be deprived of his manhood. She cursed Agni to devour all clean and unclean offerings. To all the priests she cursed that they would perform yagya only because of self-interest to obtain gifts and remain satisfied with the food of others and be dissatisfied with their own houses. Savitri then left the assembly hall, Laksmi, and Indrani accompanied for a short distance and returned to the yajna assembly as dutiful consorts.

Seeing this Savirti was enraged again, she cursed Laksmi that she would never remain stationary, and she cursed Indrani When Indra incurs the guilt of killing brahman by slaying Tvastri’s son. Nashusha shall acquire the kingdom and shall desire Indrani. All the gods then pleased Gayatri to protect them from the curse. Gayatri then modified the curses. She promised all kinds of blessings including the final absorption of all worshippers of Brahma. Though Indra was to be bound, his son should release him. Vishnu would lose his wife, but he would regain her. Rudra is deprived of his manhood, he would be represented neither as a male nor a female and universally worshipped as Linga. Though men made gifts to the priests, it would be because they revered the gods and finally, none of the goddesses would suffer cause or regret for not having children of their own.

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