Food Mythology

Garlic the Taboo Food

Garlic is one flavor, found in all cuisines around the world.  Apart from being an essential ingredient garlic has many mysteries surrounding it. Garlic in the European culture and popular films it is known to ward off vampires, werewolves, evil eye. As per some versions, Egyptians also used garlic as currency,  one could buy slaves …

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Chocolate and The Goddess

 Chocolate is one of the most popular and loved the flavor in the world. Used in all forms in many delicacies such as desserts, brownies, cakes, eaten as bars, flavoring agents, beverage and many more. Chocolate is one of the largest selling flavors. “Kuch Meetha Hojaye” as Cadbury’s Tagline says, Chocolate today has replaced traditional …

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7 facts about Khichdi

On 4th of November, A great feat was achieved on; India made Guinness world record by preparing 918 Kg of Khichdi at a three day World Food India 2017 Event.   When you talk about Khichdi, the first thing that comes to mind is that someone is unwell, “Bimaro Wala Khana”. There is much more …

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